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this pioneering bio-tech designer is turning sweat into fashion

As recent RCA graduate Alice Potts begins her one-year residency at the Athens-based Onassis Foundation, prepare to rethink body fluids.
Steve Salter
the earthwise issue

the designers fashioning the future

A new generation of fashion design graduates are challenging the British fashion industry on issues of ethics and sustainability. Sarah Mower meets nine designers who want change and who want it now.
Sarah Mower

matty bovan is brightening up london's fashion scene, from his studio in yorkshire

Designer, illustrator and make-up artist Matty Bovan is one of the most exciting talents on the capital's fashion scene, and an example of survivalist leadership emerging on the brink of the crashing old system.
Sarah Mower

why london is the best city to be a female designer in 2016

London has the highest number of female designers in fashion, with women leading the charge at some of the most successful and forward-thinking labels and fashion houses in the world. We teamed with Sarah Mower, MBE, ambassador for emerging talent at...
Sarah Mower

collective action: guram gvasalia and sarah mower’s future fashion revolution

Last night, Sarah Mower hosted Collective Action, a talk with Guram Gvasalia – CEO of Vetements – on how to revolutionise the antiquated fashion system. He granted i-D’s Anders Christian Madsen an exclusive interview about his vision for a better...
Anders Christian Madsen

the fashion industry needs to slow down, step back, and think about what’s relevant

Sarah Mower, the British Fashion Council’s Ambassador for Emerging Talent, delivers a powerful manifesto for change to the fashion industry.
Sarah Mower

​fashioning a new feminist movement

The fashion world is embracing a new feminist spirit, but how far have we come? One of the industry’s most astute critics for thirty years, Sarah Mower MBE, feels the winds of change.
Sarah Mower

we celebrate the talented young creatives shaking things up in the world of womenswear

Coming of age in fashion gets tougher every day. But according to Sarah Mower the new generation of British fashion talent’s still got the power.
i-D Staff