priya ahluwalia


ahluwalia studio provides an upcycled response to brexit

As she crafts a nostalgic collage exploring her dual Indian-Nigerian heritage and London roots, Priya Ahluwalia provides a celebration of multicultural Britain.
Steve Salter
Created with Nike

making it as a young creative today

In this one-off special episode of i-D podcast Fash-On Fash-OFF we discuss the highs and lows of trying to break into a creative industry, how to get noticed by big brands or platforms, and the importance of sticking to your vision.
i-D Staff

the people shaping the fashion industry right now: part two

There’s a new generation of talent in town. Fearless creators crafting an exciting fashion future for us all.
i-D Staff

the world's most exciting fashion grads tell us how they will revolutionise the industry

As the finalists of H&M Design Award 2019 are unveiled, fashion’s future is set to be more sustainable, more inclusive, more magical and more meaningful.
Steve Salter
the earthwise issue

the designers fashioning the future

A new generation of fashion design graduates are challenging the British fashion industry on issues of ethics and sustainability. Sarah Mower meets nine designers who want change and who want it now.
Sarah Mower

the young designer tackling fashion’s waste problem

A new project by Westminster Menswear MA student Priya Ahluwalia showcases both her graduate collection, and the urgent need for change in the way we manufacture clothes.
Ryan White