olivia rose


the people shaping the fashion industry right now

From dancers to designers, filmmakers to photographers, Olivia Rose and Ai Kamoshita shoot the industry's rising stars in portfolio of fashion, now.
i-D Staff

jazz, but not as you know it

Across London a new generation of musicians are drawing on broken beat, house and grime to create a sound that reflects the diversity of the capital. We meet the stars of the scene.
Matthew Whitehouse

"save your money, stay fly, wear condoms and keep living life" – playboi carti

Playboi Carti’s self-titled debut mixtape is an escapist ode to living the highlife in the 21st century. Ride the prince of hip-hop’s insouciant new wave.
Matthew Whitehouse
the sounding off issue

giggs is an inspiration for an entire generation of rappers, trappers and drillers

Whether melancholy street anthems or exuberant party starters, Hollowman’s ice-cold flow has taken him from underground hero to undisputed champ of the UK scene.
Hattie Collins

power to the party: meet the people who make afropunk so special

AFROPUNK festival offers a safe place for self-expression and self-celebration. Ahead of its second run in London this weekend, we spoke to AFROPUNK founder Matthew Morgan, and met the people who made the first UK event so memorable.
Lynette Nylander

why this is such an exciting time for the afrobeats scene in the uk

Inevitably as the broadsheets finally allow grime a seat at the top table, the streets have started bumping to a whole new sound. Afrobeats stars mix vocals driven by its West African heritage with narratives that are a response to the unpredictability...
Ian McQuaid

lady leshurr doesn't back down for anything

Ahead of her upcoming Australian tour, we revisit our conversation with Lady Leshurr and get to know the Brummie rapper who took the internet by storm.
Hattie Collins

grime i rep to the t, 140 i kept to the beat

This Is Grime is the definitive tome on the most exciting musical subculture to emerge from London in the 21st century, Hattie Collins and Olivia Rose reflect on the book’s magical year in the making.
Lynette Nylander

nice and sleazy: exclusive images from strut archives’ punk t-shirts exhibition

i-D contributor Olivia Rose shoots London models and musicians in iconic punk and post-punk T-shirts to accompany the originals on display at the Queen Adelaide show.
Charlotte Gush

the unsung female heroes of grime you need to know about

Though it’s often the male of the species that claim the shine and reap the rewards, there are many incredible women in and around grime who have been integral in helping to shape the genre and its surrounding culture. With her book, This Is Grime...

10 things you need to know about olivia rose

Who run the world? As our latest issue places a female lens over the world, we find out more about the female photographers making waves in the fashion industry and beyond.
i-D Staff

back to the east end with kano

The grime great's new record Made In Manor is an ode to Mission FM and Moschino, Yankee’s Chicken, PG Tips, Zippy and Bungle and Super Cat, Wagon Wheels and free school dinners.
Hattie Collins