mental health


being lonely is worse than 15 cigarettes a day

Gen z-ers are lonelier than ever, and it's not because of social media.
Jack Sunnucks

girl behind the lens examines the fraught relationship between women and mental health

Mental health initiative WomanToWoman will be launching a new photography exhibition dedicated to championing female creatives whose work is inspired by experiences of mental health, trauma and recovery.
Violet Conroy

selena gomez suffered depression following her kidney transplant

Selena’s friend, kidney donor and actress Francia Raisa, has said it was “very hard” for both of them.
Georgie Wright

this filmmaker is changing how we see sad girls

On the back of a serious medical diagnosis, 27-year-old Elyse Fox set up Sad Girls Club -- an online and IRL platform where women around the world can share their struggles with mental illness.
Tish Weinstock

we're teenagers until 24 now, psychologists say

Explains why you’re calling your mom all the time.
André-Naquian Wheeler

“it feels like a hand pressing against my back” – watch a short film exploring bipolar disorder

Directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard, short film The Mess, captures the highs and lows of an often overlooked form of mental illness.
Matthew Whitehouse

read kesha's emotional manifesto about holidays and mental health

Seasonal depression season is real.
Hannah Ongley
the sounding off issue

i-d’s music class of 2018: shogun

“I’ve got squinty eyes and a massive head with a big double crown. I’m a white kid that raps, and I’m a bit chubby. But no one ever says anything about that. It’s always fried Mars bars!” -- meet Scotland’s Shogun, next up in i-D’s Class of 2018.
Georgie Wright
Think Pieces

is your social media shyness a hindrance to success?

It definitely seems like a large online following equates to having real influence these days, but could the tide be turning?
Briony Wright

glacier girl is the eco warrior hero the world needs

We talk to social media sensation and environmental activist Glacier Girl about mental health, climate change, and switching tactics when it comes to raising awareness about the things you care about most.
Luisa Le Voguer Couyet

he’s here, he’s shamir, get used to it

We talk to the musician about mental health, his new album and why being dropped by his label was a good thing.
Russell Dean Stone

we asked some designers about staying sane in fashion

What impact does it have on designers mental health to create a whole new body of work every six months, but also make it commercially viable and is there a new way to work?
Bryony Stone