is the media helping us foster more empathy for addicts?

Films like 'Beautiful Boy' and 'A Star Is Born' illustrate a level of compassion for those suffering from addiction, while also underscoring what’s still lacking from current media portrayals.
Sara Radin
Think Pieces

breaking out of the social media echo chamber

Do we have a responsibility to look more closely at the media hubs we dismiss as toxic?
Royce Kurmelovs

gigi hadid forced to fight off man who grabbed her at milan fashion week

Video has emerged of Gigi being picked up with both arms by serial asshole Vitalii Sediuk in the street as she was leaving the Max Mara show.
Charlotte Gush

queering blockbusters: the case for giving captain america a boyfriend

The introduction of a queer character to the superhero movie cannon wouldn’t just be a win for diversity, it could also dispel deeply held and damaging stereotypes that haunt mainstream media.
Patrick Lenton
Think Pieces

why doesn’t australia have our own lena, tavi or mindy?

In the search for our own Gen-Y mouthpiece, it becomes clear that our culture doesn’t make heroes of young women, it cuts them down.
Katherine Gillespie

caroline goldfarb is building an empire out of glitter and a love for z-list celebrities

“When I hear Tori Spelling, my brain goes into the space where it’s like, ‘That’s important! Write this down!’”
Wendy Syfret

iggy azalea shames media for made up “beef” between her and britney

The pop star calls out misogynist media outlets who pin two women against each other in fabricated feuds so that they can get some hits.
Felicity Kinsella
Think Pieces

the blog-ification of magazines

Have old-school fashion magazines taken the lessons learned from bloggers and beaten them at their own game?
Courtney Iseman

why young artists are returning to drawing in the digital age

If you survey the big museum shows opening alongside Frieze this year you’d be hard pressed to find much evidence of one of art’s most unsung and under the radar practices – drawing. Alongside the major retrospectives, big group shows and exhibitions...
Adam Fletcher