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"we're in an age where mediocrity is prized above all else" – ed meadham talks fashion right now

Edward Meadham is the brilliant brains behind the beautiful Blue Roses, here in an exclusive interview with him.
Ben Reardon

how do we protect the integrity of our designers?

​It’s now a year since the praised London designers Meadham Kirchhoff were forced to draw their curtains. This season he made his comeback, designing for Sophia Webster's London Fashion Week show. Here Edward Meadham reflects on the ever-changing face...
Edward Meadham

all I ever wanted was a girls' world

Nothing speaks louder of society’s fascination with gender diversity than our recent enthralment with Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox, with pictures of Eddie Redmayne filming The Danish Girl in a dress or even Kristen Stewart holding hands with a girl...
Edward Meadham

my i-D with edward meadham

In the newest installment of My i-D, Edward Meadham, one half of Meadham Kirchhoff talks about the highs, lows, praise and pitfalls that came with being behind one of the most critically acclaimed labels to come out of London in the last ten years and...
i-D Staff

a manifesto for a modern fashion industry

In late 2014, activist designer duo Meadham Kirchhoff announced their indefinite hiatus, leaving London Fashion Week in a state of political cold turkey. An irreverent and passionate voice in the industry, for spring/summer 15 Meadham Kirchhoff asked...
i-D Staff

​5 designers that are making a difference

To celebrate the latest issue of i-D, we take a look at five designers who are paving the way for a better tomorrow.
Tish Weinstock
Think Pieces

2014, the year of... fashion scandal

This was the year in which Kendall Jenner had her eyebrows bleached away for the Givenchy show and became such an overnight sensation that the other models turned on her like evil stepsisters, telling tales on her, making faces at her, even putting out...
Dean Kissick

Susie Bubble, world wide walk in

Through her blog Style Bubble, Susie Lau invites us to explore her virtual wardrobe every single day. Here, we climb over neatly piled mountains and enter her real life rainbow of a wardrobe.
Adam Fletcher

the i-D team's lfw round-up

It's been another stand out season for London, and the i-D team share their most inspiring moments, from Christopher Kane's tribute to Louise Wilson to Ryan Lo's mermaid cove.
i-D Team

it's not easy being a princess, but if the clothes fit...

Historically, the fashion industry seems to have defined itself as gloriously inaccessible by sustaining an atmosphere of hyper-glamour combined with desperately chic icons dressed in impossibly crisp clothing. Autumn/winter 14 has offered us something...
i-D Team