max clark


what does it mean to be a man in 2019?

Once didactic and restrictive, the definition and parameters of 'masculinity' are more fluid than ever. For The Voice of a Generation Issue, photographer Sam Rock and i-D Senior Fashion Editor Max Clark uncover a new, modern, fresh take on manhood.
i-D Staff

dilara findikoglu wants to change the world

Meet the young Turk rebel concocting fantastical fashion for otherworldly dreamers and fairytale queens.
Tish Weinstock

matty bovan is brightening up london's fashion scene, from his studio in yorkshire

Designer, illustrator and make-up artist Matty Bovan is one of the most exciting talents on the capital's fashion scene, and an example of survivalist leadership emerging on the brink of the crashing old system.
Sarah Mower

hollywood star michael pitt on ghost in the shell and challenging the norm

Michael Pitt feels like a contemporary reimagining of Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix. From rock star to actor, he’s excelled at playing lost boys. His new role in Ghost in the Shell -- the big screen adaptation of the hugely popular Japanese manga...
Colin Crummy

read more books, ask more questions

Boys, bikes, braces, boarding schools and briefcases – Oliver Hadlee Pearch and Max Clark capture the timeless energy of youth in a shoot that blends the past with the future.
i-D Staff

man of the moment, man of the people: meet stormzy, i-D's first grime cover star

Stormzy is one of the leading voices in Britain’s most vital musical scene. As grime rises to greater heights, and he prepares to release his debut album, we celebrate the MC from south London whose self-made rise to the top has been impressively...
Hattie Collins

stairway to heaven

Luxury is teaming your tailoring with your trainers and your hoodie with haute couture. Mix and match and make it your own. There are no rules.
i-D Staff

mad about molly

Being who you are is more important than being what others expect of you. Meet Molly Bair, the Philly girl with the big walk, big dreams and even bigger attitude.
Matthew Whitehouse

erdem: patience and passion

Patience, proficiency, and above all passion. Over the past ten years, these three traits have made Erdem one of the most successful independent designers working in London.
Anders Christian Madsen

life in the vivid dream with ultimate goddess, grimes

As she prepares to release Art Angels, we talk climate change, equal pay and medieval Mongolia with the sword-wielding vegan warrior of synthpop, the one and only Grimes.
Francesca Dunn

paul smith is facing the biggest reinvention of his career

50 years after founding his fashion house, Paul Smith’s menswear has undergone the biggest makeover of any brand in recent fashion history.
Anders Christian Madsen

craig roberts on how to cope with being a weirdo adolescent

We talk to the Welsh actor about grandmothers, growing up and being cool at school.
Sarah Raphael