youth after grenfell, curated by juergen teller

In the following story, young people connected to the Grenfell community document their lives over the past few months. Taken from i-D's The Radical Issue.
i-D Staff

skyping my old friend DJ boring about life now he’s famous

On quitting your shitty job, acquiring dedicated Instagram fans and getting revenge on your high school bullies.
Anjelica Angwin
peace week

9 queer activists on powering up the community

Brilliant LGBTQIA+ activists on the ways they create spaces and take action to liberate the community. We’ve come far, but, as Celine Dion once sang, there’s miles to go before we sleep.
Tom Rasmussen

l-vis 1990's new video is a "street fighter"-inspired house party

Ft. LA rappers Cam and China from Pink Dollaz, take a first look at the totally electric video for 'Cake.'
Juule Kay

photographing the surprising intricacy of punk hairstyles

Derek Ridgers started taking portraits at London punk clubs after realizing the kids looked more interesting than the bands. As he shares the most iconic snaps from his archive, he tells i-D about counterculture hairstyles and why young people are just...
Hannah Ongley

new gen, new geography: how london’s queer nightlife has rebuilt itself

London’s LGBT spaces are disappearing, leaving an underground queer culture to materialise in place of what had become a stagnant, homogenised scene.
Amelia Abraham

remembering the nights before instagram with topshop unique spring/summer 18

“The fun behind closed doors and neon lights. You had to be there.”
Steve Salter

björk to unveil new film the gate at free public screenings in london

A collaboration with filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang, embroidery genius James Merry, and the whimsical Gucci designer Alessandro Michele.
Charlotte Gush

david bailey shoots his favourite londoners for the latest issue of humanity

The iconic photographer shoots Kate Moss, Ronnie Wood, Damien Hirst and Sadiq Khan for his celebration of London creativity.
Matthew Whitehouse
straight ups

young londoners tell us about their vision for the future, straight up

It might feel like the end of the world as we know it, but it’s not over, not over, not over, not over yet. Here, photographer Finn Constantine hits the streets of the capital to hear the hopes and dreams of the young Londoners with the future...
i-D Staff

what does london street style look like this summer?

We hit up a few cool kids on the streets of London, to find out what inspires them creatively.
i-D Staff
i-D Team
Think Pieces

what you need to know before starting your own fashion label

In the third part of a series of articles created in association with 1 Granary and Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation Philip Rouse, founder of Paris-based showroom Not Summer, talked us through the tough reality of commercialising your...
1 Granary