the future faces of literature

Meet six female writers making the world of literature a more diverse, exciting and revolutionary place in 2019.
Natty Kasambala

diary of a drag queen: crystal rasmussen on writing a book "by a queer for queers about queers"

The brilliant debut book by Crystal Rasmussen is out today, and we're sharing an exclusive excerpt and intro by the fabulous author herself. This memoir is juicy and unapologetic. It might make you cry, and it will most definitely make you laugh.
Tom Rasmussen

does it matter who writes queer stories?

There is a storm brewing in young adult fiction. A new book on the AIDS crisis has furthered debate around who should get commissioned and paid to tell certain stories.
Alim Kheraj

hilton als has some issues with the word 'woke'

In White Girls, the Pulitzer prize-winning author explored race, sexuality, André Leon Talley and Eminem. He discusses its impact -- and potential sequel -- with Paul Flynn.
Paul Flynn

janet mock on writing a new kind of twenty-something

Janet Mock spent her twenties in New York, first interning at Playboy and later editing at People. Here's what she learned.
Kat Gillespie

thank f$@*! swearing is on the rise in literature

Effing and blinding has never been more popular — and it’s all because we are better at expressing ourselves.
Alim Kheraj

from prejudice to pride: good as you charts three decades of gay culture in britain

50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, writer and pop cultural commentator Paul Flynn’s debut book Good As You looks back at the past three decades of his life, charting the extraordinary cultural milestones that paved...
Matthew Whitehouse

still in love with you: looking back at joan didion's a book of common prayer

As the celebrated novel turns 50, we reflect upon the writer's profound impact on modern literature.
Philippa Snow

i-D book club: uncovering the post-brexit landscape of ali smith’s new novel, autumn

A current look at Britain and its relationship with the rest of the world following the events of last summer, Autumn runs on into the beginning of November and finishes shortly before the US election.
Dean Kissick

tales of forbidden pleasure with a young irvine welsh

With his bleakly humorous tales of dead-end pleasures and post-rave burnout, Irvine Welsh was the first writer to take up the challenge of defining the chemical generation. As the filmatic sequel to his debut novel Trainspotting hits cinemas, we return...
Matthew Collin

paul beatty talks about his award-winning, post-race novel, the sellout

“It’s not like I’m trying to make it difficult, but I think what I write about is difficult.” The Man Booker Prize winner discusses the demands of writing a difficult book.
Hattie Collins

future sex, the pioneering new book about finding love in the time of tinder

Emily Witt provides a refreshingly real first-person account of what it means to be single and sexually curious in 2016 — with forays into internet dating, pagan polyamory, and orgasmic meditation.
Alice Newell-Hanson