lily mcmenamy


exclusive: symonds pearmain and lily mcmenamy discuss their collaboration for autumn/winter 19

“You're a cannibal and you haven't eaten in four days and on the menu today is fashion buyers.”
Felix Petty

how symonds pearmain became the most buzzed-about brand for fashion insiders

Anthony Symonds and Max Pearmain only launched their seditious new label two years ago.
Felix Petty

an ultra sneaky peek at your favourite zine, mushpit

Welcome to issue 10, baby.
Charlotte Roberts
Bertie Brandes

meet britta thie, the woman hailed as germany's answer to lena dunham

​Berlin-based artist Britta Thie's web series 'Translantics' chronicles the lives of 20-somethings in the European contemporary art world, a project which has earned her comparisons to Lena Dunham. Ahead of the show's screening in Brooklyn, we catch up...
Alexandra Bondi de Antoni

exploring the meaning of life with lily mcmenamy

As the she transitions from modeling to acting with a role in 'A Bigger Splash,' we get existential with the i-D cover star.
Jina Khayyer
Think Pieces

photographing imperfection for the digital generation

We used to worship Amazonian goddesses on the catwalk, but now the coolest kids are gangly, gap-toothed, and trending on Tumblr. What happened?
Jane Helpern

hang out and fall in love with lily and natalie

Alasdair McLellan and Benjamin Bruno go down to the woods today, with Lily, Natalie and Liam.
Adam Fletcher

lily mcmenamy, in order to be irreplaceable you must first be different

Wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful, Lily McMenamy is the i-D poster girl for the new generation.
Adam Fletcher

what was your girlhood like?

To coincide with the release of The Girls + Boys Issue, Pre-Fall 14, we dedicated last week entirely to the boys, but this week is all girls, girls, girls! From the kids who grew up as tomboys to those who wanted to be glamour pusses, the golden girls...
Felicity Kinsella

under the sheets: chloë sevigny

What could be better than having a sleepover with Lily McMenamy, the pillow-lipped modelling superstar who crashed onto the scene with a snap, giggle, and pop? Inviting NY poster girl Chloe Sevigny in for a snuggle too, Lil dons her best blue pyjamas...
i-D Team

under the sheets: carlyne cerf de dudzeele

Comment ça va, Carlyne? In our next episode of Under the Sheets with Lily McMenamy, lil gets cosy with Vogue’s fashion director Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. Slide into something sexy and get ready to snuggle as the pair talk fun, fashion, and not giving a...
i-D Team

under the sheets: natasha lyonne

What could be better than having a sleepover with pillow-lipped teen witch turned model Lily McMenamy? Having crashed her way onto the scene last year, lovely Lily invites Orange is The New Black star Natasha Lyonne and her pet pooch Root Beer into bed...
i-D Team