LGBT rights


the complicated politics of boycotting brunei

After the Sultan of Brunei announced the introduction of Sharia Law this week, the international community has reacted by calling for boycotting his hotels. But is that the most useful way to call for change?
Jake Hall

like rihanna's twitter dms, these five pop stars have gone above and beyond for their lgbt fans

With news that Rihanna has been helping a gay fan to come out of the closet, we look back at other pop stars who have reached out powerfully to the LGBT community.
Nick Levine

indian lgbt groups celebrate breakthrough against colonial ‘unnatural sex' law

The long struggle for LGBT equality in India took another small step forward today, though past experience has deterred India’s queer community from celebrating prematurely.
i-D Staff

2015, the year... history was made in lgbt rights

This year The Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in all 50 states of the US, TV gave us Transparent, Looking and Cucumber, Banana, Tofu, and popular culture embraced transgender identities and same-sex relationships more than ever. It's been a...
Greg French

miley launches charity for homeless, lgbt and vulnerable youth

The pop star’s Happy Hippie Foundation already has initiatives in California, but hopes to roll out nationally, then globally
Nick Levine

wolfang tillmans profiles russia's queer community

Last year, German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans travelled to Russia to meet members of the LGBT community in Saint Petersburg, an inspiring group of young men and women who risk their jobs and more to promote change. Here he photographs ten...
i-D Staff

​kerry washington gives rousing freedom speech at lgbt award ceremony

The Scandal actress picked up a prize at the GLAAD Awards and addressed human rights across the board.
Stuart Brumfitt