what can we learn from the queer leather community in 2018?

i-D hit up Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend to learn about the legacy of queer leather folk — and why it needs preserving today.
Mikelle Street

why the leather community is cautiously optimistic about fashion’s fetish moment

The current Ms. Philadelphia Leather, Mr. Eagle NYC 2017, and other members of the leather community share their thoughts on fashion’s new-found enthusiasm for whips, caps, and chaps.
Mikelle Street

10 things you need to know about marianna rosati

Meet the magical mind behind luxury leather label DROMe.
Tish Weinstock
Think Pieces

climate change could mean your clothes will one day be made by scientists and spiders

As natural fibres become more difficult and expensive to grow, fashion will be forced to explore surreal future fabrics born in dreams and laboratories.
Naomi Russo
Think Pieces

is fake leather fashion’s secret polluter?

"Vegan leather" might be labelled "cruelty-free" but that's only true if we ignore the environment.
i-D Staff
think piece

everyday fetishes: the people getting turned on by regular clothes

Fashion fetishism doesn’t stop with leather and latex, for some everyday garments like jeans and sweatpants are the biggest turn ons.
Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen

the raw energy, black leather and close community of the japanese punk scene

As part of the Leather Japan project at London Collections: Men, Punk In Translation invites us to delve deep into the underbelly of Japanese subculture today.
Steve Salter

how zana bayne made bondage high fashion

On the day of her spring/summer 16 presentation, the New York leather queen discusses how she went from California fashion blogger to feted designer.
Alice Hines
Think Pieces

exploring the uncomfortable question of leather

Why do we shiver at fur and sigh at leather?
Wendy Syfret