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how ka-man tse’s ‘narrow distances’ contemplates what it means to be seen

Announced as the recipient of the 2018 Aperture Portfolio Prize in December, we speak to Chinese-American artist and Yale lecturer Ka-Man Tse about her award-winning project, ‘narrow distances’.
Ryan White
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this is the creative community of hong kong, straight up

Photographer Desiré van den Berg visited the Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong, where Erykah Badu, David Byrne, and many more were performing. Against a neon lit backdrop she captured the festival’s most interesting visitors.
Rolien Zonneveld

photography that celebrates a full-spectrum of asian masculinity

Alexandra Leese is a half-Chinese, half-English photographer, looking to dismantle tired stereotypes of Asian men with her imagery.
Ryan White

crazy japanese band wednesday campanella use wikipedia to help them write songs

They were the only Japanese act to play Tyler’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival and their frontwoman recently rolled across a sweaty Hong Kong crowd in a giant hamster ball. After the latter set, we met singer Kom_I for a chat over pastel-coloured mochi.
Douglas Greenwood

in hong kong, moncler gives a special shoutout to melbourne

The French-Italian label names Melbourne as one of the world's most 'symbolic' cities. We'll take it.
Anjelica Angwin

guram gvasalia on the next vetements pieces everyone will want

As DHL trucks delivered limited-edition hype must-haves and tongue-in-cheek souvenirs to a Hong Kong pop-up, we spoke to Guram Gvasalia about the Vetements fashion revolution hitting southeast Asia.
Douglas Greenwood
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meet the hong kong kids who queued for hours for the latest vetements drop

In celebration of Vetements’ flying visit to the city, we caught up with the crowd to chat through dream collaborators, their own personal love affairs with the brand and what they were hoping to pick up inside.
Douglas Greenwood
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sweltering shanghai style, straight up

Follow i-D into the city of 24 million people in search of stimulating summer style.
i-D Staff

this is shanghai and hong kong, straight up!

i-D hit the streets in China’s most international cities to find out where the cool kids hang out, what they disagree with their parents’ generation about, and what freedom means under the rule of the Chinese government.

photographer ward roberts understands the magic and romance of urban spaces

Growing up across cities, the artist explores the emotions and language beneath concrete and glass.
Wendy Syfret

gucci warn over paper replicas of their handbags used for funerals

All thanks to a Chinese tradition involving the burning of luxury items to ensure a comfortable afterlife.
Briony Wright
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roger a. de leon

Due to a mix of east and west, old and new, art and business, city and jungle, Hong Kong is one of the most diverse places on earth. This ability to live a thousand lives at once has drawn an ever growing wave of expats from around the world.
i-D Staff