greg french

Think Pieces

​can you get the same experience from an education online as you can from art school?

As art education slowly but surely shifts into the virtual stratosphere, Central Saint Martins graduate Greg French asks what is lost and what is gained.
Greg French

occupy ual - taking back education

Students are occupying Central St Martins and protesting at cuts to education. i-D takes a look at what they're fighting for.
Greg French
New York

​looking into new york’s new fashion underground

A generation of young designer’s in the Big Apple are pushing a post-internet state of mind into their genderless clothes.
Greg French

our favourite fashion hashtags

From #ZaynsStrand to #MyCalvins, we countdown the memes that have #BrokenTheInternet and spread over social media.
Greg French
kanye west

​why are we so ready to buy into celebrity endorsed fashion collaborations?

Nothing sells better than celebrity, and with 24/7 access through social media is it any surprise that brands are queuing up to get that exposure too?
Greg French

menswear and its sexual allure

Greg French investigates the pec-tacular rise of sex appeal in London menswear.
Greg French

​central saint martins student kiko kostadinov on collaborating with stussy to fund his masters

Dropping this Friday as part of LC:M and produced exclusively for Soho-based fashion hotspot Machine-A, Kiko Kostadinov’s latest collaboration with cult-brand Stussy is set to sell out as quickly as its predecessors.
Greg French