why are gay bars being compared to gentrification?

Eastenders’s newly-announced gay bar has prompted comparisons to gentrification, but why do we assume LGBTQ venues are exclusively middle-class?
Jake Hall

this photographer is exploring cultural appropriation and the effects of gentrification

Thalia Gochez's recent series honours Latinx culture and seeks to reclaim a neighbourhood in a state of rapid change.
Sara Radin

tbt: corinne day captures a less gentrified london than the one we know

Hop onto the Jubilee Line as we throwback on 2001, when Corinne Day and Panos Yiapanis's shot London in all its graffitied, pierced glory for The Renaissance Issue, no. 207
i-D Staff

young, creative and broke: are we working with a guilty conscience?

In 2016, being creatively inclined isn’t just a toll on your bank balance, it’s a weight on your conscious; we talk to young people across the UK about the guilt that goes with doing what you love.
Nellie Eden
Think Pieces

the new wave of producers shattering london’s underground club scene

From Palmistry's skeletal dancehall to Endless club's disparate collective of underground sounds, a generation of London's DJs and producers have created an antidote to the city's homogenous, mainstream club scene.
Felix Petty

how the west was lost: pictures from a vanishing suburbia

Warren Kirk is preserving Melbourne’s Western suburbs through photos.
Wendy Syfret
New York

is gentrification the reason why new york's youth are looking to london for inspiration?

While New Yorkers have rarely needed to look far for inspiration, a new wave of UK grime and design talent is breaking the Big Apple and bucking the trend. Is London's increasing influence a passing fad or a symptom of a changing city?
Aleks Eror

​is berlin really a paradise?

Cheap rents, great nightlife, unparalleled freedom? David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Punk Rock and Berghain? There are no downsides to living in Berlin right?
Aleks Eror

young artists vs. silicon valley in the bay area

As tech money and creativity transform the Bay Area, is the art scene following or floundering?
Austen Leah Rosenfeld

​how gentrification is destroying the cities we live in

Is the London we love disappearing because of another wave of gentrification and a housing crisis are driving culture out?
Felix Petty