Gen Z


the musical genre is dead, gen z killed it

The rise of streaming services and Gen Z acts like Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish are heralding the end of emo, rap, and country as we know them. And bringing in something better.
Megan Evershed

why are we so bad at breaking up with people?

i-D explores the lack of authenticity and directness when it comes to dating and breaking up with people today.
Sara Radin

we asked gen z for their thoughts on michael jackson

Following Dan Reed’s controversial documentary Leaving Neverland, debates about whether we should listen to Michael Jackson’s music have exploded. But what does it mean for his artistic legacy?
Alim Kheraj

asos announce new youth-focussed fashion line, collusion

Created by a collective of six young designers, models, artists and influencers, Collusion is designed by Gen Z, for Gen Z.
Felix Petty
Think Pieces

what does changing social media use reveal about the shifting anxieties of gen z?

Does migration to self-deleting media and trigger-happy liking mean that Gen Z are less anxious than millennials?
Brian O'Flynn

meet i-D's antipodean class of 2018

In partnership with Gucci, who've just launched a dedicated New Zealand site, we’re celebrating the young creatives using their talents to define a generation.
i-D Team
love week

how gen z are rejecting sex ed stereotypes by teaching themselves instead

It only takes a cursory glance at Twitter, Tumblr or YouTube to understand exactly how much the sexual education landscape has changed.
Roisin Lanigan

portraits of the new faces of south african activism

In his latest series, photographer Imraan Christian captures Generation Z’s fight against colonialism.
Courtney DeWitt

where will brexit leave the activists of generation z?

Will we come out of this permanently disillusioned with a political system that shows little love for our futures, or will we come out of this with a new found energy to build a better world?
Felix Petty

meet the new guard of club kids defining beauty here and now

Subcultures are gone, but their legacy remains.
i-D Team
fashion interviews

mat lee is the designer incorporating pills and vaginas into conceptual fashion

Could be the antidote to boring outfits.
Jamie-Maree Shipton
skinny girl diet

skinny girl diet

We head out onto the streets of London to find out how the cool kids would change the world, who they'd chose for Prime Minister and the best thing about being young in 2015.
i-D Staff