Gemma Ward


finally, gemma ward back on the pages of i-D!

We've always loved Gemma Ward, star of numerous i-D covers. Following her recent return to modelling, Sharna Osborne and Julia Sarr-Jamois shoot Gemma for The Superstar Issue.
i-D Magazine

20 minutes with gemma ward

Talking best-ever birthday parties, Alexander McQueen, and life as a mother with the bonafide super backstage at the Australian Fashion Laureate.
Briony Wright

in loving memory of ‘search for a supermodel’

At the turn of the millennium, Search For a Supermodel promised to change the industry and discover the next wave of Australian talent. It didn’t, but it did change Australia.
Wendy Syfret

fergie inspires a fierce squad of super mums in her new video for m.i.l.f.$

Kim Kardashian, Gemma Ward and Devon Aoki are just some of the 'Mothers You'd Like To...Follow'.
Briony Wright

gemma ward walks the calvin klein menswear show

Leader of the noughties baby-faced pack, Gemma Ward, walks in her first runway show since her surprise comeback at Prada over a year ago.
Felicity Kinsella

icons on icons: givenchy's latest campaign line up will make you swoon

All your favourite in one place. Even Gemma Ward's back.
i-D Staff

35 models from 35 years of i-D

From the 90s waifs and grungers, to the supermodels, doll-faces and alien beauties, models of all shapes, sizes, races and statuses have graced the hallowed pages of i-D. We love catapulting new faces into superstardom, and bringing the superstars back...
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our favourite spring/summer 15 campaigns

​New year, new you, new spring/summer 15 campaigns. Yes, that's right, as we wave hello to a new year, we also welcome in a host of the season’s hottest new ad campaigns. From Gemma Ward’s dramatic return to Prada to Julia Roberts’ androgynous affair...
Tish Weinstock
Think Pieces

2014, the year of...the comeback

​Just like Taylor Swift’s love life, some things in life never stay the same. Particularly when it comes to all things à la mode. And 2014 seems to be no different. Whether it’s Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Hailey and Ireland Baldwin, Willow and Jayden...
Tish Weinstock

mfw: prada spring/summer 15

Gemma Ward returns to the catwalk after a six year hiatus in for Prada spring/summer 15
Adam Fletcher

50 insights into the search for enlightenment through fashion

Having consulted, in a strictly off-the-record capacity, with a selection of fashion designers, writers, editors, stylists and photographers, i-D offers 50 insights and tips to ensure fashion proposes an open road, rather than a cul-de-sac.
James Anderson