say hello to some exciting, emerging australian talent

Whether they're modelling, writing, acting or dreaming of bright futures, these young creatives are taking on the present with energy and style. Get acquainted as we shoot them for G-Star RAW.
Created with G-Star RAW and David Jones

pharrell williams is trying to save endangered species with his new jeans

With 25 unique prints, the Elwoodx25 collection sees the rapper/producer trying to raise the world's environmental awareness. NBD.
André-Naquian Wheeler

what is raw? head of 3d design pieter kool explains, presented by g-star raw

As the Dutch denim maestros begin to strip back the outside to reveal what’s underneath, Pieter Kool discusses his work process, the brand’s pursuit of perfect 3D design and what it is that makes G-Star RAW.
i-D Staff

take an exclusive first look at g-star raw research by aitor throup

As G-Star RAW showcase its most directional capsule collection to date during Paris Men's Fashion Week, creative consultant Aitor Throup talks us through the project before sharing his hopes, fears, and dreams for the future of the fashion industry.
i-D Staff
music interview

after clocking music and art, ta-ku is turning his attention to fashion

Australia’s most multi-skilled beatmaker has teamed up with G-Star to merge art, fashion and music in their new exhibition.
Hannah Butterworth

​raury is the indigo child of the internet age

Born and raised in the lush green of Georgia, Pharrell’s 19-year-old guitar-wielding, hat-wearing, genre-blind prodigy speaks up as he joins the singer and G-Star’s Raw for the Oceans.
Francesca Dunn

peek inside five fashion headquarters

As the Dior Homme HQ is unveiled, i-D rounds up fashion's most enviable architecture.
Isabelle Hellyer

​g-star and vitra revive jean prouvé design classics

The denim brand had their office kitted out in Prouvé furniture, before manufacturing the industrial design classics for the masses.
Charlotte Gush

watch the plastic age starring pharrell exclusively on i-D

We all talk about the Stone Age, the Iron Age and the Bronze Age, but what era are we living in right now? People are starting to refer to us as the - far less romantic - Plastic Age. We make 288 million tonnes of plastic a year, and unlike paper...
i-D Staff

​watch the trailer for our new documentary, the plastic age

Find out how Pharrell and G-Star are working together to fish 700,000 tonnes of plastic out of our oceans...
Felicity Kinsella