how dior's dance pushed new-wave feminism in paris

Alongside a Sharon Eyal-choreographed performance, the house’s first female Design Director stripped away restraints from elegant clothing.
Steve Salter
3 hours ago

scotland is going to be the first country to make pads and tampons free for all students

The £5.2 million scheme is a major step in eradicating period poverty, which sees hundreds of thousands of young women struggle to afford basic sanitary products.
Georgie Wright

the powerful words of chimamanda ngozi adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has become a defining voice of her generation on race and feminism. A brilliant mind, her 2013 TED Talk and book We Should All Be Feminists has inspired everyone from Beyoncé to Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior.
Candice Carty-Williams

'look at this pussy' blends suggestive photos and feminist theory

Founder Eva Sealove discusses her viral, pro-vulva Instagram account, and expanding into your new favorite advice column.
Alexandra Weiss
think piece

the feminist comedians dismantling sexist ‘jokes’

From Hannah Gadsby to Ali Wong, a distinct wave of smart female comics are poking fun at the old guard of comedy and starting from scratch.
El Hunt
Think Pieces

why is street harassment such a part of french culture?

As awareness grows around sexual harassment and assault, France needs to move away from its local, ingrained macho culture.
Alice Pfeiffer

grrrl gang manila is causing a feminist riot in the philippines

In a country where abortion is still illegal, the radical collective is fighting for tangible change — and screaming punk songs in Girl Scout uniforms.
Alexandra Weiss

see the me too movement spreading globally in real time

Google has created Me Too Rising, an interactive visualisation of the movement worldwide.
Clementine de Pressigny

alexa chung wants you to be period proud

As she launches her Virginia Woolf-inspired collection, the model, author, TV host and now founder and creative director of label ALEXACHUNG offers her notes on being a woman.
Audry Hiaoui

babyfist denim is the arab brand championing gender equality in palestine

Chloe Olewitz

petra cortright turns camgirling into feminist art

Petra Cortright has been putting her image online for over a decade. As her new show 'CAM WORLS' opens in Los Angeles, the pioneering post-internet artist talks selfies vs. self-portraits, and why she doesn't use Snapchat.
Nadja Sayej

emily ratajkowski is right, hair is a fundamental part of femininity

The model famous for taking “empowering” topless selfies with Kim Kardashian has been slammed for her comments about women’s hair, but it’s really the construct of “femininity” we should cancel.
Charlotte Gush