Female Gaze


this video will awaken your inner sun-worshiping goddess

Get ritualistic with London singer-songwriter, Imogen Mahdavi.
i-D Staff

the power of women designing for women

With luxury resale sites reporting rising demand for Phoebe Philo-era Céline, Susie Lau reflects on the importance of female fashion design.
Susie Lau

the female-directed horror so terrifying paramedics were called to the screening

Watch an exclusive trailer for the bloody thriller flipping the male gaze on its head. Just don’t do it on your own.
Matthew Whitehouse

“I was belittled and embarrassed” — daisy walker has had enough of abuse in fashion

Founded by British photographer Daisy Walker, Women in Fashion is the new activist platform tackling issues of gender, diversity and malpractice in fashion.
i-D Staff

send nudes

Looking at ownership of the female nude in art and the everyday, through dolls.
Clementine de Pressigny
straight ups

heather lighton's melbourne women, straight up!

With the launch of the Female Gaze Issue, we've asked some of our favourite girls to capture their friends. Here Heather Lighton shoots the women who inspire her in Melbourne.
i-D Team

this new exhibition deconstructs what it means to be a woman

Showing as part of Mumbai’s FOCUS Photography Festival, Photographing the Female, is a visual exploration of the many facets of female identity.
Tish Weinstock

celebrating sex, pleasure and the female form with photographers maisie cousins and francesca allen

In their first joint exhibition, I FEEL SICK/ HOT FLUSH, the British photographers have occupied a room of their own at the KK Outlet and turned it into a den of sexual freedom.
Tish Weinstock
straight ups

chloe nour's circle of inspiring friends, straight up

With the launch of the Female Gaze Issue, we've asked some of our favourite girls to capture their friends. Here, Chloe Nour shoots the women who inspire her in Sydney.
i-D Team

photographer chloe sheppard and the power of the female gaze

The dreamy documentarian of all things girl explains the importance of female photography and why gender should never determine one’s art.
Tish Weinstock
Think Pieces

everything is political: maxine peake on changing the world

Acclaimed stage and screen actress, Maxine Peake, argues that the people must be united – and less self involved – in order to effect real change. Peake, 43, also celebrates the modern family – those who choose not to have children but are just as...
i-D Staff

paloma elsesser is all about being the best version of yourself

Beautiful, intelligent and funny, Paloma Elsesser is the model winning over the industry simply by being herself.
Tish Weinstock