The photographer behind our favourite submission from My Year in a Photo

We got in touch with young New Yorker Karl-hens Pompilus to discover more of his work.
Ryan White

8 new musicians you need to know in 2021

From Toronto's brightest young songwriter Mustafa to Miyazaki-inspired popstar Raissa; Chicago jazz kid Sen Morimoto to bedroom pop wonder, Claud.
Frankie Dunn

The dancehall-inspired label to wear when we can party again

London's MMRMS Studio offers an irresistibly sexy, queered take on Caribbean nightlife culture.
Mahoro Seward

How young voters feel about the election in Georgia

Young voters – particularly young people of colour – played an instrumental role in turning Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania from red to blue.
Ryan White
The 40th Anniversary Issue

Rei Kawakubo reflects on the strangest year in history

'To create fashion and art, we need a mind to do outrageous things, to be different from others, and to let yourself go.'
Osman Ahmed
The 40th Anniversary Issue

Kendrick Lamar in conversation with Baby Keem

Launching the 40th Anniversary Issue of i-D, the icon that is Kendrick Lamar interviews his 20-year-old protégé, Baby Keem, one of the world's most exciting new artists, about making money, providing for family and the rise of pgLang.
i-D Staff
Up + Rising

Ian Isiah: "The driver is always the groove"

In conversation with Chromeo's David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel, who produced Ian's 'funk album' AUNTIE.
Ian Isiah
Up + Rising

Patia Borja: "Sometimes we want to laugh rather than Instagram be a triggering thing"

The creator of @patiasfantasyworld and that infamous database of BLM-related resources discusses the state of our world, performative activism and learning to organise IRL.
Moya Lothian-McLean
Up + Rising

Billy Porter: "When shame is all you know, it’s a journey to let that go and really lean into the joy"

The actor and activist reflects on self-love and masculinity in the age of Covid-19.
Jason Okundaye
The Faith in Chaos Issue

Krule Summer: How King Krule became the sound of a generation

At a pub in south London the day coronavirus is declared a global health pandemic, King Krule discusses 'Man Alive!', an album that punctuated the beginning of a new world.
Ryan White
The Faith in Chaos Issue

Arca: “We’re all transitioning: from birth to death, it’s inevitable“

The artist tells i-D about her new brilliant new album, KiCk i, accompanied by remote portraits by Juergen Teller.
Frankie Dunn
The Faith in Chaos Issue

A journey through Sierra Leone

Photographer Rafael Pavarotti and i-D's Fashion Editor at Large Ibrahim Kamara cast models from schools and community centres in this striking documentation of the West African nation.
i-D Staff