love week

these women are making a commitment to being single

We explore why more and more millennial women are opting out of dating, how they make it a part of their life and what effect is has on them.
Jelena Woehr
love week

what’s dating like as a young muslim woman?

"I feel like people have a certain preconception of what a Muslim girl believes about herself and I think it's a shame."
i-D Staff
love week

what dating is like when you're disabled

We spoke to students, models, artists and activists about their love lives.
Sara Radin
love week

a guide to sliding into people's dms without being a creep

Including a handy checklist.
Nick Levine
love week

this photographer is capturing the messier moments of romance

Sam Hiscox isn't here to shoot Hallmark cards, thanks.
Georgie Wright
love week

what's it like to fall in love when one of you is transitioning

For Elijah and Tallulah, experiencing his transition together only brought them closer.
Tish Weinstoc
love week

the death of romance and the rise of 'the loner' in collectivist south korea

A growing number of South Korean millennials cannot afford or cannot be bothered to date.
Crystal Tai
love week

what dating is like when you live in the countryside

"You’d hardly ever get signal to use Tinder where I’m from, and will almost definitely match with a neighbour if you do."
Francisco Garcia
love week

what really matters when it comes to dating and hooking up now

The evolving conversation around consent, sexual harassment and the current political climate has made us more suspicious of others, and forced us to question what we really want. It's undoubtedly changed relationships. Here we talk about how.
Clementine de Pressigny

helmut lang just launched a legit 90s-style dating service

The brand's pre-fall 18 campaign stars nine NYC singles looking for summer love.
Hannah Ongley

why doesn't facebook want me to have a casual hookup?

Zuckerboi has stressed that Facebook's new dating app, which is still in the late development stages, will aim to facilitate “real long-term relationships -- not just hook-ups”.
Sophie Peacock

troye sivan feared for his safety during teen grindr hookups

The queer pop star also revealed his first crush was 'High School Musical'-era Zac Efron
André-Naquian Wheeler