what does it mean to be queer?

"Well, queer in the Oxford Dictionary stands for 'odd', and I like that."
Jozef Wright

hope st is starting a radio revolution and everyone is invited

Meet the crew behind the community radio project that's putting the broad back into broadcasting.
Shannon May Powell
peace week

9 queer activists on powering up the community

Brilliant LGBTQIA+ activists on the ways they create spaces and take action to liberate the community. We’ve come far, but, as Celine Dion once sang, there’s miles to go before we sleep.
Tom Rasmussen

what does 'family' mean in 2017?

As the definition of family continues to shift shape, we are busy forming our own families, both online and off. Through activism, art collectives and club nights, we are searching for like-minded people to “fill the void”, proving that family today is...

grab an exclusive sneak peek at the new issue of ‘ladies of leisure’

Head inside the LOL empire – a world built on good times, best mates and very little sleep.
Wendy Syfret

these are the young people fighting to make 2017 a brighter place

​Some people are celebrated more than others: actors, models, musicians and artists all make our lives more beautiful in bold, visible ways. But what about the ones behind the scenes? The members of our communities working to keep us safe, happy and...
i-D Staff

zandile tisani’s johannesburg is an electric city and a haven for black artists

Across her short films and upcoming web series, Zandile is looking at evolving African identity, the echo of gentrification and how the rest of the world got South African street style all wrong.
Wendy Syfret

artistic utopias and flattering lighting: james robinson is creating work you want to live in

The artist, filmmaker and founder of creative agency AEVOE has built a career out of art, expression and making sure his mates get paid.
Wendy Syfret

a guide to life after you’ve been priced out of sydney and melbourne

Realising your creative dreams might not come with white picket fences? Don't worry, the sweet salvation to your pricey urban living might just be a few hours away.
Wendy Syfret
woman crush wednesday

how a melbourne dancer is helping newly arrived refugee kids through movement

Recognising hip hop dancing as an empowering form of political expression, Hëna Memishi is teaching young people to use it to communicate and connect.
Kasumi Borczyk

rejecting poverty porn and celebrating detroit’s rebirth

Photographer Ben Burgess is trying to change the way the world sees Detroit, while navigating the tricky task of presenting a community he doesn't actually belong to.
Kasumi Borczyk

vince staples launched a youth program in his home town

At a press conference the rapper said, “I want to be able to be one of the people that reinforces the fact the we matter just as much as the next person.”
i-D Staff