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the eternal legacy and influence of the fashion design council

The FDC may have folded in 1993, but a new exhibition proves that two decades can’t dampen its impact on Australia’s most progressive designers.
Sasha Geyer

the mind bending ideas behind this year’s tarrawarra biennial

A killer line up of local artists will be represented in the multi-faceted exhibition exploring art, fashion, publishing, sculpture and beyond.
Briony Wright

inside the ngv's new surrealism exhibition

A look at the lurid beauty of the movement and its enduring influence on Australian culture.
Sasha Geyer

centre for style takes america

We speak to Matthew Linde of Centre For Style about curating fashion outside of the museum and creating one of fashion's uniquest ventures.
Dean Kissick
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centre for style is a messy fashion utopia

Part retail space, part gallery, Centre for Style is both a challenge and a joy to explore. i-D meets creator Matthew Linde to talk Tumblr, an upcoming book and staging shows in Airbnbs.
i-D Staff
fashion interviews

The silent and mysterious world of h.b peace

It seems that the only statement the studio believes in making is nothing at all.
Jamie-Maree Shipton

centre for style fundraiser

Some of our favourite artists to make one-off tote bags to raise money for Discipline art journal
i-D Team
fashion interviews

bless say it's un hip to dress up as hell

Design house BLESS have always gone their own way: they don't believe in having wardrobes full of clothes, and claim to not really be very interested in fashion anymore.
i-D Team

i-D's ones to watch melbourne

We're consistently amazed and inspired by the clever people surrounding us: so we got Gen Kay to shoot the Melbourne-based creatives lighting up i-D's radar right now.
i-D Staff