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how to live a radical existence, with fatima jamal

Fatima Jamal doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. The American interdisciplinary artist has spent too long thwarting the jibes of those unlike her -- a queer, black, trans, femme woman -- to truly take note of her haters.
Douglas Greenwood

five times handbags were elevated to art, literally

The humble accessory has often been a muse to great artists.
Briony Wright

korean artist lee bul on her lady dior bag re-envisioning

Inspired by dreams and their unattainability, Lee has a new take on the classic bag made famous by Princess Diana in the 90s. As we share an exclusive video about the artist and her vision of the Lady Dior bag, Lee speaks to i-D about the collaboration.
i-D Staff

this artist shaved her head to get back to her roots

Diana Chire’s body is her canvas — not knowing her hair in its natural state left her feeling like cheat. So she turned it into art.
Clementine de Pressigny

gaby sahhar is the coolest thing since vetements

Get to know the half French, half Palestinian London based artist as he explores the human condition.
Tish Weinstock

from anti rape cloaks to page 3 models sarah maple’s art will shock you

Ahead of her forthcoming exhibition, I Disagree With What You Say, we catch up with the artist to talk sex, race, and what it means to be a woman.
Tish Weinstock

kristen liu-wong’s world is erotic, horrific, violent and awesome

The artist paints normal girls who just happen to be terrorising the planet.
Wendy Syfret
Noisey Blog

minna gilligan speaks in clothes, selfies, and beautiful art

“There’s this expectation of artists to be in the shadows, to be behind a painting. Especially as a woman, and a young woman, I feel it’s really important to be like, 'Hey, this is me, this is what I look like. This is how I present myself'."
Wendy Syfret

judy millar’s soulful and cerebral art

Ahead of her new show ‘Reverse Cinema’ i-D spoke to the artist about falling in love and hating public art.
Neha Kale

ai weiwei to direct berlin, i love you via skype after passport confiscated

The controversial Chinese artist hasn’t been allowed to leave the country since 2011, but that won’t stop him directing the next in the Cities of Love series remotely.
Felicity Kinsella

leif podhajsky's favourite music videos

In the lead up to the artist's show at Sugar Mountain festival, we delve into his realms of inspiration.
Olivia Drake
New York

artist alex prager sees faces in the crowd

All the world’s a stage, especially when you live in the wonderful world of image-maker Alex Prager. Hovering between the fictive and the real, Alex’s large-scale images take you on an unsettling trip through time, space, and meticulously crafted sets.
Adam Fletcher