arcadia missa


@gaybar is a critical, anarchic and queer take on gay history

While questioning queer history and the homophobic present, artist duo Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings are creating critical spaces for all forms of queer culture to thrive.
Tom Rasmussen

beyond instagram with amalia ulman

Amalia Ulman turned Instagram into a site of performance art, in a five month long performance she documented the life, love and nervous breakdown of a girl who’d just moved to LA, casually taking apart the image-obsessed world we live in. Now, the...
Felix Petty

set the city alight!

North to south, east to west, London’s creatives are energising every pocket of the city. From models fighting preconceptions of beauty, to designers redefining British style and rappers making London the sound of now, meet the boys and girls living...
Lynette Nylander

​ficition and the near dystopian future

As it launches today at LA Art Book Fair, we delve into the world of Sarah Harrison’s new novella All The Things.
Megan Nolan

​just enough violence: phoebe collings-james and the failure of representation

In a new exhibition of watercolour works by the young artist, the paintings’ aesthetic grace is often a way to deal with the violence that surrounds us. Beautiful work that deals with ugly subjects.
Felicity Kinsella

the ​south london art scene: 2005-2015

From its beginning in underground squats 10 years ago to the rapid gentrification of the last few years, we chart the rise of the artists, galleries, and collectives who make up London's most distinct and creative scene.
Felix Petty

​beatrice loft schulz: pleasure, craft and living arrangements

We speak to the young London artist about mixing craft and graffiti in her new exhibition at Arcadia Missa.
Felix Petty

carlos reyes is exploring the pasolini archive

A new exhibition at London's Arcadia Missa is examining the revolutionary film-maker's place in today's cultural landscape.
Harry Burke

holly childs launches her new novella danklands at gertrude contemporary

Fresh from debuting her second novella at Arcadia Missa London, Holly Childs returns to Melbourne to launch Danklands.
i-D Team

holly childs and the art of turning web language into fiction

The Australian writer’s new book re-imagines the novel for the 21st century in a thrilling mix of poetry, prose and social media stream-of-consciousness.
Harry Burke

\do what you love with maja cule

Maja Cule’s new exhibition, ‘Facing the Same Direction’ at Arcadia Missa is her first solo show in the UK. It consists of a film, works spread across an adjacent wall, a sculpture and an edition of a book that consists of printed out on-line reviews of...
i-D Team