Alastair McKimm


alastair mckimm is i-D’s new global editor-in-chief!

It's the start of a new era.
i-D Staff

it's the end of an era as alastair mckimm departs his role as i-D fashion director

We can’t thank him enough for the love, dedication and passion he has poured into the magazine’s pages during his five years in the role.
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carlos nazario and ibrahim kamara join i-D’s fashion team

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The Radical Issue

this is how you break the establishment

Here’s the first cover of The Radical Issue. Get ready to meet the visionaries changing culture from the inside out.
i-D Team

david sims captures the next big thing in fashion

Remember this face! Legendary photographer David Sims and i-D Fashion Director Alastair McKimm team up to shoot new model and Danish beauty Mathilde Henning.

this year’s best fashion book celebrates the purity and power of the t-shirt

Take a trip though Stüssy’s unique cross-cultural and cross-continental past, present and future as i-D Fashion Director Alastair McKimm and New York-based creative director Ryan Willms share an exclusive preview of An IDEA book about T-shirts by Stüssy
Emily Manning

creativity will save us all

“Creativity is our light at the end of tunnel. The thing that tells us to get out of bed because someone somewhere is doing something beautiful,” says i-D cover star Adwoa Aboah. In the cover story for The Creativity Issue, Tim Walker captures the...
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get the first look at i-D's creativity issue!

Working with photographer Tim Walker on a special issue celebrating the unrivalled creativity of London, peek inside as we choose creativity over fear, self-expression over conformity and freedom over corporate rules. Stay weird, stay different.
Holly Shackleton

when the catwalk meets the sidewalk: this is comme des garçons shirt x supreme

Ahead of the Comme des Garçons SHIRT x Supreme drop this week, Collier Schorr shoots Sean Pablo Murphy in the collection.
VICE Staff

you got this girl: daniel jackson shoots model of the moment selena forrest

If one were to reflect on the defining faces in fashion of the last year, Selena Forrest would surely be the first name to come up. Stunningly beautiful and effortlessly cool, she encapsulates the spirit of the times like no other model. Here, the...
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this is anthony vaccarello for saint laurent

Anthony Vaccarello had plenty of shoes to fill when he took the top job at Saint Laurent last year. Instead, he chose to walk his very own path. “Hate it or like it,” as he puts it, “I’m doing this.”
Anders Christian Madsen

tomorrow is calling, are you brave enough to answer?

All aboard. Rounding off the year in style, for The Big Issue, visionary photographer Daniel Jackson took to the subways of New York, guerilla style, alongside i-D Fashion Director Alastair McKimm to shoot spring/summer 17's most inspired collections.
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