teen sex, drug addiction, anxiety: tv show ‘euphoria’ wants you shook

It often feels provocative for the sake of it, but a brilliant performance by Zendaya grounds this grown up teen drama.
Alim Kheraj
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why dry january won't solve our problem with binge drinking

Now the festivities are over the #newyearnewme bandwagon is here with over 4 million of us committing to a sober January. But what good does it do when we get back on the booze, making up for lost time as soon as it ends?
Lily Rose Thomas

excessive social media use is like drug addiction, says new study

Scrolling through Instagram for hours could have a worse effect on your brain than you might think.
Roisin Lanigan
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we all know social media can seriously harm your mental health, so what now?

Despite the detrimental effects of social media, we’re still completely hooked. Refinery29 Editor at Large Sarah Raphael shares her tips on how to use it safely.
Sarah Raphael

is the media helping us foster more empathy for addicts?

Films like 'Beautiful Boy' and 'A Star Is Born' illustrate a level of compassion for those suffering from addiction, while also underscoring what’s still lacking from current media portrayals.
Sara Radin

how to help a friend with a drug problem

In 2017, the opioid crisis took over 50,000 Americans' lives -- more than all gun deaths and road traffic deaths combined.
i-D Staff

watch these new clips from timothée chalamet's latest film, 'beautiful boy'

Starring Timothée and Steve Carrell, ‘Beautiful Boy’ chronicles the destruction caused by addiction.
Roisin Lanigan

how 'beautiful boy' captures the complexities of addiction

Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell star in a finely wrought story about the effects of meth addiction on a family.
André-Naquian Wheeler

den-mate makes moody electro-pop to help herself heal

On her deeply personal album 'Loceke,' Jules Hale turns a traumatic life period into narrative songs that strike right at the heart.
Nick Fulton

'Maniac' Nails What It's Like Living with Mental Illness

The Netflix series stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill as New Yorkers seeking a psychological cure-all.
Kara Weisenstein
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we're addicted to notifications, likes and follower counts. so what now?

Withholding notifications and then releasing them en masse is just one sinister tactic employed by social media platforms to increase our addiction. Do we need to take heed of Kanye's advice and eradicate follower numbers and likes altogether?
Claudia Paterson

read nan goldin’s powerful new essay on opioid addiction

The legendary photographer's new project is taking on those responsible for the opioid crisis.
Hannah Ongley