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the most out-there looking japanese beauty machines

Some appear ridiculous, some should be imported here ASAP
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the best young artist run spaces in los angeles

LA is paradise of youthful creativity right now.
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Think Pieces

the i-D guide to los angeles

From relaxing to juicing, drugs to supermarkets, and yes, tacos and driving, lose yourself in the hyperreal beauty and surreal fantasy of Los Angeles.
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i-D book club: uncovering the post-brexit landscape of ali smith’s new novel, autumn

A current look at Britain and its relationship with the rest of the world following the events of last summer, Autumn runs on into the beginning of November and finishes shortly before the US election.
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hopper penn is a hollywood star in the making

Hopper Penn is the son of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, takes his name from Dennis Hopper, loves skateboarding and pizza, and has survived a near death experience as a teen to become one of Hollywood’s fastest rising young stars.
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fake news

2016 the year of... bad language

It’s been a surprising year in politics with victories for the right in the EU referendum and the US election that few saw coming, and because of this political lexicon has dominated word of the year lists. Here are the words that have defined the new...
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why a new magical counter culture is emerging

Paganism’s making a comeback in art and fashion, via Los Angeles crystal shops and psychedelic journeys of self-discovery.
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the i-D guide to talking about modern art

Want to pretend you know what you’re talking about? Read on…
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in 2016, it's not about where you're from, it's where you're local

Today so many of us come from all over the world, and live in numerous locations during our lifetimes, rightly calling each one of them home. If we limit people to only being from the place they were born, are we denying them their true identities...
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harambe is just the latest attraction at the petting zoo of internet outrage

The recent Cincinnati Zoo incident involving the shooting of an endangered gorilla is merely the latest example of a world where consternation and condemnation is out of control.
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is the backlash against social media coming?

We’ve become a culture obsessed with likes, views and comments; but is the pressure to be popular becoming too pervasive? With digital detoxes on the rise, we ask: is it time to opt out of the digital world?
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where video games end and art begins

Artists have long used new technology to create their work, but now they’re creating that technology too as the boundaries blur between games and art.
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