photographing the beautiful faces of tokyo

"Tokyo is the place where dreams come true." Dutch photographer Lotte van Raalte travelled to Japan, and captured a few of the capital's modelling stars.

by i-D Staff; photos by Lotte van Raalte
30 January 2018, 10:24pm

Ashley, 17, model and student

Tokyo is... Unique. You can dress and be however you want, and people will accept you for who you are. If you could ask one question and get the answer, what would you ask? Why wasn't I a teenager in the 90s?

Mia, 16, model, student, dancer and kickboxer

What do you think will bring happiness to the world? Spreading love and possibility. The power understand, appreciate and respect. What are you hopes for 2018? Make the world a better place and get a toned body.

Saki, 22, model

Tokyo is... The place where dreams come true. What's the most creative thing you have done recently? I wrote a letter to my friend.

Rebecca, 22, model

Tokyo is... Endearing and hidden. Why are you hopes for 2018? To be a better listener, to be more engaged in social justice struggles and to practise platonic intimacy.

Saya, 26, model and ex-teacher

Tokyo is... Love, art, fashion, possibility and hope. If you could ask the world one question, what would you ask? Does my name become a brand in 10 years or 20?

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