i-D’s favourite global street looks of the year

As the end of the year approaches, we remember the outfits that made us swoon.

by i-D Staff
11 December 2015, 6:25am

Over 35 years ago, i-D helped pioneer the hybrid style of documentary/fashion photography called The Straight Up. Originally the shots were of British punks and new wave youths, but over the years they've come to capture the changing sartorial tastes of a shifting culture. From the streets, to the parties, around the world, and back again we've been there savouring our favourite looks and falling in love with the people wearing them.

With 2015 drawing to a close, we look back at some of our favourite outfits from the past 12 months, and hopefully provide wardrobe inspiration to carry you through to the new year. 

Damara Yolanda Sa Silva Ingles, London

How do you define style?
I define my style as retro-futuristic.

Zoe Coulon, Paris

What song are you playing on repeat right now?
L'amour en Solitaire by Juliette Armanet.

Mon Chan, Iceland

What's the best thing you've eaten in Iceland?
A lamb's head.

Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar, India

What do you do in your spare time?
A: Roll, rage, repeat.
M: Always Learning & Dreaming about the ocean, unless I'm there!

Jelisa Tannis, New York

What's the best thing about being young today?
Doing whatever the hell you want. 

Yana Bovenistier, Amsterdam

What would you be doing in daily life if money wasn't an issue and you could do everything you'd like?
I would just enjoy myself, and would no longer do anything I didn't feel like doing. I would travel a lot because I love being on the road. Also help other people wherever I could. Just living in the sun, eating a lot and eventually making a few babies.

Tat, Tokyo

What makes Tokyo fashion unique?
The mentality is more sensitive.

Johnny, Sydney

What's your approach to fashion?
I'm a full-time optimist and I want to spread the happy vibes

Laurie Duffy, Glascow

If you could ask the world one question and get the answer, what would you ask?
Why can't I afford to go and swim with the swimming pigs?

Risa Bellak, Michigan

What do you listen to when you're sad?
Aerosmith and AC/DC.

Yoshiko, Tokyo

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
America! Land of the free!

Lucille, Esther, and Hilary, Melbourne

What's your festival survival advice?
Lucille: Pack a phone charger.
Esther: Keep up the H20!
Hilary: BYO some tissues for the loo!

Stevie Newall, Glasgow

If you could ask the world one question and get the answer, what would you ask?
Why do we get moments like déjà-vu?