gross male photographers ruin the modelling world, confirms cara delevingne

"I am a bit of a feminist and it makes me feel sick."

by i-D Staff
18 August 2015, 8:37am

Cara Delevingne's had some unsavoury interactions with the press lately. First, there was the Vogue interview which suggested her bisexuality was 'a phase' (Cara spoke out to confirm that it is not.) Then came the patronising American TV host who suggest she 'take a nap'. All in all, it's pretty remarkable she's still giving interviews so readily, considering the sexist baloney she's met with so often. In her latest interview, Cara spoke with the Times to remind us of the sexual harassment that goes on in the fashion industry.

"I am a bit of a feminist and it makes me feel sick," Cara explains "It's horrible and it's disgusting. [We're talking about] young girls. You start when you are really young and you do, you get subjected to… not great stuff." It's not exclusive to modelling she clarifies, "I think you get that [sexual harassment] in every industry." However, there are some predatory men in the industry, "I don't think it's just modelling, although I think it's worse in modelling. There are male photographers who go into it purely because of the girls."

Cara routinely uses her profile to call out uncool goings-on, from superhero sexism to mourning Cecil the lion. Plus, she said no predatory photographers would get away with anything on her watch: "If there is injustice I will flip out. If someone is crossing a line, they will know about it and so will everyone else. I'm not about brushing things under the carpet."


Photography Richard Bush (The Collector's Issue, no.328, 2013)

Cara Delevingne