is kanye west the latest designer waking up to fashion's biggest problem?

Kanye's over the disjointed fashion calendar, and he's scheming to steal ​Demna Gvasalia from Balenciaga.

by i-D Staff
25 February 2016, 5:50am

Image via @TeamKanyeDaily

Everyone's a little fed up with the traditional fashion calendar and the raft of problems it creates in the internet age. The six month gap between the runway and the retailer gives fast-fashion stores ample time to knock off a unique design, saturate the street and get consumers bored of a garment before they can even buy it. 

Burberry were the first major house to announce their solution to the problem: combining their four shows-two for men, two for women-into a pair of bi-annual presentations catering to both genders. The garments will be made available to consumers as soon as they appeared on the runway. Tom Ford has found a similar solution; delaying his autumn/winter showing until September, when his garments enter stores.

Now, Kanye West has waking up to the need for change. Though this Tweet certainly isn't a formal plan to sync Yeezy to an in-season schedule, it is a sign the sentiment is gaining industry-wide momentum.

Demna Gvasalia, of Vetements and Balenciaga, is yet another designer on the same tip, though his bespoke solution to the fashion calendar problem is a little different. Vetements will now consolidate mens and womenswear showings into a single collection presented in January, two months before Paris Fashion Week. The move allows garments more time in stores before sale season hits. 

Unlike Burberry and Tom Ford's surprising decisions, Vetements' move was widely anticipated given Demna's well-known dislike for the current fashion calendar. In September last year, the designer told i-D "[The industry] pushes certain rules and frames on designers that really don't work long-term. You can't make a collection over three months and still be creative and have time enough to analyse and think; there's a lot of thinking needed to make clothes."

Equally unsurprising is Kanye's desire to "steal: Demna from Balenciaga; Yeezy's admiration for the label is well documented. What the rapper wants to do with Demna is a mystery-at least until an impassion Kanye jumps on Twitter next.

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