moon holiday knows it’s hard to be yourself

In her new clip, the Sydney musician argues that acting natural is an illusion.

by i-D Staff
05 October 2016, 2:40am

Being yourself is tough. Standing there, in your skin, trying to appear like a normal human being: it's exhausting. Or at least it is for Moon Holiday — okay, for us too. In her new clip for Out of Bounds she's trying to capture the sense of quiet unease that takes over when you become aware of your own body. "You can never really capture someone behaving naturally," she muses.

It's a pretty ephemeral idea to try and unpack in 3.46 minutes, but luckily, it's also one that director Martha Zakarya understood innately. She took up the challenge of trying to create organic movement, free from self consciousness, by choosing a selection of street-cast individuals to star and asking them to respond to the track with unscripted and unrehearsed actions. The result is slightly awkward, but strangely intimate and hypnotic. It's kind of heartwarming to watch someone just try and move. After all as Moon Holiday herself points out, "It's pretty brave to go into the world everyday without ever knowing what impression we are actually making on others."