10 things you need to know about luna bijl

After she walked in Chanel's Cruise 18 show, get to know the Dutch dreamboat a little better.

by Milly Heane
04 May 2017, 10:23pm

Autumn/winter 17 was a big season for bright young thing Luna Bijl. Spreading her wings from New York to London, Milan to Paris, and walking for the likes of Alexander WangLouis Vuitton and Chanel, the Dutch model continued to capture the fashion world's hearts after her debut at spring/summer 16. Not only that, earlier this year Luna B was shot in Miami by Theo Wenner and styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois for i-D's Family Values Issue, and for the cover of French Vogue by David Sims and Joe McKenna. Beyond the glamorous model lifestyle, underneath this beautiful face is a tomboy, into quad biking and motocross. Here's ten things you need to know. 

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1. She comes from humble beginnings
"I grew up in the countryside of Holland. I was always playing outside with my friends when I was younger."

2. Before modelling, Luna took part in Quadcross
"I was always with boys and busy with completely other things than fashion. I was always covered with dirt and I didn't care so much about the way I looked."

3. Her favourite designer is Isabel Marant
"I wear a lot from Isabel Marant, why? Because she always has something in her collection which I like. Very dangerous for me!"

4. If she wasn't a model, she would be doing something creative that includes a lot of travelling
"I always watch vlogs from people, the ones on YouTube where people film their day or journey etc. So maybe something like that, travelling and doing crazy, fun things!"

5. Her career highlight so far is pretty major
"Shooting my first cover for Vogue Paris with the amazing David Sims and Emmanuelle Alt."

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6. She can be quite reckless when it comes to hotel bathrooms
"I recently broke the bathtub in a really expensive hotel in the middle of the night after I came back from a party, oops."

7. She doesn't take people's bad advice
"The worst advice I have received was to change myself so that someone would like me."

8. She still does motocross/quadcross when she's able to
"I do it when I'm free, in Portugal with my dad. I love the combination of modelling and motocross because they're very different and I love both so much."

9. To Luna, beauty means more than looks
"Having a good heart."

10. Her hopes and dreams for the future are to keep exploring
"I want to still be working with amazing people and to show the world what I have, and how much I appreciate it."

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Text Milly Heane
Photography Theo Wenner
Styling Julia Sarr Jamois

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