the internet is now a basic human right

Too little, too late for those that remember a time when your parents made you disconnect so they could use the phone.

by Matthew Whitehouse
05 July 2016, 11:40pm

The UN's Human Rights Council has passed a resolution condemning any country that intentionally restricts the internet access of its citizens. Supported by more than 70 member states, the ruling suggests that "the same rights people have offline must also be protected online," placing pressure on governments which continue to disrupt access. Those that voted against the resolution include Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and India; the representatives for which either blissfully unaware of the wonders of Netflix and chill or acutely aware the power an internet shutdown has in controlling citizens of oppressive regimes (or both). While the UN can't actually enforce its resolutions legally, it is a step towards protecting the freedom of expression and information; an already integral part of many of our daily lives. 


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