meet hannah elyse, sydney's straight edge louis vuitton muse

The 17-year-old breakout star talks Cannibal Corpse and dream jobs.

by i-D Team
30 May 2016, 12:30am

At the tender age of 17 Hannah Elyse has already worked with some of fashion's most elite players. Only a few months before we meet she closed Louis Vuitton's Autumn/Winter 2016 show in Paris. All limbs and long black hair, the Sydney based model cuts a striking figure, and it's not hard to see why her rise has been so accelerated. i-D sat down with her to discuss all things, from being a Louis Vuitton exclusive to working with Juergen Teller, and what it means to be straight edge. 

i-D: Alright Hannah, lets start easy: green juice or Coca-Cola?
Green Juice.

Heels or sneakers?

Lady Gaga or Cannibal Corpse?
Cannibal Corpse.

Perfect. So, how did you get into modelling?
My sister, Ingrid Hope, was a model so it was something I aspired to since I was very young. Ingrid helped me with contacting a few agencies and Chadwick were the most interested in signing me. I'd say my favourite thing about modelling is how I am always surrounded by inspiring people.

Do you have any career mentors?
Definitely Homer from Monster Management. He taught me to always give my best and to never give up on myself.

Let's talk about some of your favourite jobs. 
They would be Louis Vuitton and Daisy; both had such a magical energy that really doesn't compare to anything else.

Your relationship with Daisy is ongoing, you were in both of their look books, right?
Yeah, Renee and Gibson [of Daisy] are both close friends of mine, and working with them is always very special to me. Pure Country, their first season, made me feel like a farm girl. Human Emotion was more like a death metal Marie Antoinette.

How about Louis Vuitton? You've walked for them twice now, take us through your experience of Spring 2016.
It was my first show. I felt like I had joined a family at Vuitton and the energy was so strong. The show was beautiful and futuristic, it was really sick!

And then you closed the Autumn/Winter 2016 show, that's amazing. 
I felt really special. I found out on the day as we lined up and I wanted to cry because it was so important to me and I'm so appreciative of being given the opportunity. The dress I wore in the show was my favourite. The shape and the amount of detail that was put into every sequin was incredible. Wearing it made me feel like a witch. 

I understand you were also the house's fit model for their most recent collection.
I learnt so much during that. Being a fit model you get to see ideas turned into the looks for the show. Nicolas Ghesquiere is really nice to work with, he's so inspiring and always has a smile on his face.

Part of that experience also involved being shot by , how was that?
Juergen is beyond. Everything he does is so beautiful, usually in abstract ways. He's a really interesting person and he is so kind.

I heard you're straight edge; your journey there is interesting. Do you mind elaborating on it?
I'm really into hardcore and punk music, and that's how I found out about being straight edge. Deicide, Relentless, Society's Chain and Type O Negative are some of my favourite bands. While suffering from mental illness, I came to the conclusion that poisoning myself with drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or taking drugs didn't help and instead made me feel weak. Now that I'm straight edge, I finally feel in control again.



Text and photography Aleksandar Zaric

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