10 things you need to know about marianna rosati

Meet the magical mind behind luxury leather label DROMe.

by Tish Weinstock
13 October 2016, 10:30pm

For Italian designer Marianna Rosati, it all started with her dolls. Growing up in a tiny village in the heart of Tuscany called Massarella, she'd spend her youth dressing each of her many dolls up, changing their style, their hair, and giving them different characters, whenever it took her fancy. Some years on and things haven't changed much, only instead of dolls, she's moved onto dressing real life people. In 2009 together with her father, she launched the luxury leather label DROMe. "The name is mostly a sound that I love," she muses, "It doesn't have a precise meaning but in the Scandinavian languages a drome is associated to a dream." A dream come true, since its inception DROMe has evolved into one of the most exciting new brands around. Stylish, sophisticated and yet with a modern twist, minimalist and yet with a hint of eccentricity, the brand's aesthetic is rooted in opposites. It also boasts a strong emphasis on pattern and texture. So who is the ultimate DROMe woman? "A strong woman that has a feminine personality, sensual and seductive in a subtle and sophisticated way," says Marianna, "She also likes to show off sometimes and to have fun with colours and shapes that alter her body." With the label going from strength to strength, we thought it's high time we meet the brains behind it all: Marianna Rosati.

1. She's been in love with fashion ever since she was little…
"I've always loved clothes and always been attracted by images and beauty. When I was little I used to dress up my dolls and give them different definite styles, names and lives, modifying their haircuts or their dresses. Then I realised that was called "fashion"! I guess it was my way of finding different personalities for myself and transferring them to an external doll.

2. She has a strong work ethic…
"I've got to where I am today by working hard and in a humble way but mostly by always believing in my dreams, and always taking my aspirations to a higher level! I think life is a big journey and everything that happens in it, whether is good or bad, will definitely define one's path."

3. She is inspired by the world around her…
"I love observing the world around me, I love getting inspired by a woman talking, a man walking down the street or by a dancer madly dancing her piece."

4. When she's not thinking about clothes, you can find her daydreaming about the theatre…
"When I have some free time I participate in physical theatre workshops and shows in which I use my body and my energy in such a physical and emotive way that it gives me a lot of positive feelings and inspiration. It is a different way of facing my personality and exploring it."

5. As for music, she's a big fan of Throbbing Gristle…
"Right now I'm listening to Dream Machine by Throbbing Gristle which I used for the show and I can't stop listening! I love them and I love their vibe!"

6. In the film of her life, her character would be played by none other than…
"Natalie Portman, when she a teenager, the way she played Matilda in Leon. Oh I love soooo much that character .. she is just always in my mind!"

7. Aside from the whole teenage assassin thing, her friends would describe her as…
"Always living in my parallel world! That I'm clumsy at moments but I guess they would say I'm a very solar person with lot of energy ... maybe even too much! I like jumping around ... I often hurt myself too! They would say I always give 150 per cent and more."

8. If she could change one thing about the world, it would be…
"For us all to think positively and help each other. Every little thing we do good is a little drop in the ocean but can always make a difference. Trying to love each other and cancel the word "hate" from our vocabulary could be a good start."

9. She has some wise words on the subject of beauty…
"Beauty is the way someone feels, the aura you can naturally build around your persona, the way someone talks and moves and it is personal for each one of us. Beauty is something that is hunting you and it is hidden in the most unexpected places."

10. She's got some pretty big dreams for the future…
"I dream to be able to realise my deepest desires and mostly to be able to live at the maximum of my possibilities and do the most with my life."



Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Gabriele Rosati

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