​skepta brings out new track with plastician

It’s “very early, very authentic, icy,” according to the grime MC. One for the tracksuit mafia.

by Stuart Brumfitt
03 July 2015, 5:15am

Skepta „Shutdown“ over

With Sonar and Glastonbury recently under his belt, a rumoured guest appearance at Wireless with Drake this weekend and a US tour at the end of July, you're not going to find a busier man in grime than Skepta. Now the Tottenham don has brought out Back Then, a follow-up to smash Shutdown and a reworking of Plastician's 2005 remix of Mike Jones' Still Tippin'.

Skepta has laid down fresh bars calling out to his own hard-work (he treats "shows of 25 people the same as 25,000"), his use of wifi on planes and the love he gets "from Houston to Compton, from Vancouver to Boston." It's Skeppy's ability to nail the banal details of everyday life that make his lyrics so damn pleasing: after dissing the girls who are suddenly texting, "Hey stranger" since his face has hit magazine covers, he side-steps with, "I just double tap, switch apps." Boom! But he's also willing to take on bigger social ills, celebrating fellow black people's achievements with "all my niggas on the rise man, it's a sad time for the KKK."

i-D reached out to Plastician and he told us how the track between the two of them came about: "Two weekends back I was in Ibiza with Boy Better Know and Skepta just casually told me he vocalled one of my old tracks, we were eating lunch at Ocean Beach Club and he came over with his phone and played me the opening minute or so. It was amazing to hear he'd picked the track he did, it's 10 years since I produced it and it was one of the memorable tracks from the sets Skepta and I played together back then. He's absolutely killed it, and it's great to hear him flowing over one of my tracks again. We've been friends since 2002, meeting when we were both cutting dubplates at Music House. With grime seemingly going full circle this year it's a masterstroke from Skeppy to revisit these tracks that many of his new fans will not be aware of, and breathe new life into them. It's great to be a continuing part of his progression!"