the eternal sunshine of sibling spring/summer 17

The reigning queens of knit stay out and proud in their best collection to date.

by Jack Sunnucks
13 June 2016, 2:10pm

It was poignant that SIBLING's show was a tribute to the forever young boys and girls of Miami, Florida, on a day filled with such awful news from the Sunshine State. In the brand's first show that fully combined both men's and women's looks, its designers sent a sun drenched postcard from Miami, imagining a hustler in the mode of Tony Ward and his polished lady companion.

SIBLING's great strength comes from its instinctive feel for prints. Its iconic zig zag and leopard designs were given a blurry, pastel makeover, as if seen from the bottom of a swimming pool. A new creation saw delicate leaves in hand tufted yarn and sequins scrolling down crisp white mesh -- most gorgeously in a cape of cartoonishly large proportions.

To a Mariah Carey soundtrack, the brand's buff and beautiful boys came out in an all American color scheme of red, white and blue, with branded towels tucked into their waistbands. Denim took its cue from deckchairs (of course), the blue stripes cinched in with corsets. Ideas for women were more uptown, in lurex-striped tennis whites, acid-toned sports knickers, and a white hand-crocheted gown that combined all three of prints to gorgeous effect. Nothing makes over-tired and emotional fashion people smile like a SIBLING show, and as the designers Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery came out in their 'IN' t-shirts, the applause was thunderous. 


Text Jack Sunnucks
Photography Piczo

spring/summer 17
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