miss blanks walks us through her new EP track-by-track

Miss Blanks better be ready to celebrate, 'cause her new record 'Diary Of A Thotaholic' is gonna blow. The six track EP sounds like champagne and feels like winning without even trying. Here, the rapper walks us through her inspirations track-by-track.

by i-D Team
17 November 2017, 2:58am

Miss Blanks, photographed by Georgia Wallace

Bread, ft. Dai Burger
I created Bread at a time where I was living lush and in excess when maybe I shouldn't have — Bread is usually known in Hip Hop as money. Going into 2017, and now rolling into 2018, I manifested big money, big goal (kicking), big projects, and big positive energy. When I got started in music to now, I refused to romanticise the idea of being a struggling artist, a poor artist or creative, so Bread was a way of saying "I'm getting all this money, going to kick goals and make shit happen."

Haters, ft. Aywin
I wrote Haters at a time when I was angry and going through a lot, having terrible interactions and exchanges with men (from personal experiences to professional). For me, Haters is just a track where I get to flex and call out all these shit guys who think they're the greatest gift to the world when in reality, they ain’t shit! I be birthing all these lil’ bitches.

Pussy on Fire
One of my favourite tracks, it's the perfect ice breaker to the EP. It's a fun up-beat dance track to get the energies up. I was heavily inspired by my time in the ball scene in New York, and Jersey Club and Baltimore music.

Skinny Bitches, ft. Moonbase
The idea of Skinny Bitches in its literal meaning — "Skinny Women" — which is usually synonymous with Eurocentric beauty standards, the women that those standards are applied to, and the women that also uphold them. As a woman that doesn't fit within that mould, much like many other women, it was important for me to create a song with a message that celebrated them and amplified their/my experiences whilst unapologetically telling those 'Skinny Bitches' what’s up!

Worldwise Pussy
Haha! I think Worldwide Pussy really speaks for itself. It's basically me rapping about when I was 20/21 and an international thotty. Sex should be fun and you should have complete agency over your experiences (through consent of your partner/s) and be able to be as open or closed as you want. This song is just a fun track, real simple, I enjoy sex.

Fantasy, ft. Dugong Jr
Fantasy is about having the perfect partner in mind, with all the ideal attributes, and not being able to find that person, so we go through life and compromise and that myth of 'perfect partnership' becomes a myth/fantasy, so you learn to create a strong relationship with self — in order for you to be able to attract these 'perfect partner/s'.

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