gaspar noe cast ‘love’ by cruising bars for actors

The Argentinian director opened up about casting his hot and heavy love triangle by dancing at nightclubs and scoping their stuff on Skype.

by Emily Manning
20 October 2015, 4:44pm

Love won't hit US theaters for another 10 days, but director Gaspar Noé has already dished about one of the erotic epic's most tantalizing details: its orgasmic opening scene. In a new interview with New York Magazine, Noé recalled asking protagonist Karl Glusman to climax on camera -- on one of the earliest days shooting. "I barely knew him," Noé said of his fearless leading man, then a virtually unknown theater actor. But Glusman wasn't Noé's only fresh face. The director also disclosed that his casting methods essentially amounted to cruising.

To find Love's actors, Noé used a method he calls "savage casting," which basically amounts to "meeting people at bars or on the street, having a drink with them, and filming them on an iPhone to see if they'd pop," interviewer Jada Yuan explained. This carnal casting method was employed not merely for extras, but Love's main triangle, too. Noé met Swiss model Aomi Muyock, who plays protagonist Electra, at a party. He spotted his other female lead -- Klara Kristin, a Danish painter's assistant -- tearing it up on a nightclub dancefloor.

Although Glusman has since landed a spot in Tom Ford's upcoming flick, Noé selected him after a (PG) Skype sesh was followed by a glowing recommendation: "I knew a girl who had seen him naked and I asked her, 'How is he?' And she said, 'He has everything you need,'" the director said.

Although Noé used digital communication devices to cast Love, the high-tech 3D skin flick was inspired by the 70s soft-core VHS porn Noé himself enjoyed as a teen. "If you want to see sexual images, you end up Googling these gang-bang images with the guys who look like firemen and shaven girls who look like bodybuilders — and that has nothing to do with what these teenagers are going to experience," Noé told the magazine. "So maybe it's better to clean their eyes with images that are closer to life." 


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