from LA to st tropez, moncler hit the beach

Dive into Jean-Philippe Delhomme’s illustrations for the spring/summer 17 collection.

by Felix Petty
08 May 2017, 11:32pm

Moncler are perhaps best known for their covetable winter wear; as cosy, comfortable and stylish on the slopes of the Alps as it is on the streets of Aberdeen. It is, of course, no bad thing to be well known for making luxurious and beautiful coats. But you can't wear them to the beach now, can you?

Which is were Jean-Philippe Delhomme comes in. The Paris-based illustrator, painter, and writer, whose work has appeared everywhere from iconic Paris club Chez Castle to equally iconic Paris store Colette, and across New York, Tokyo and London. For Moncler's spring/summer 17 collection, Jean-Philippe has taken Moncler to the beach, for a series of picture postcard prints that bring the collection to swimming, surfing, sunbathing life.

Taking in the vistas of some of the most famous beaches of all, Delhomme has created three prints, from Venice Beach to Capri, taking a little dip in St Tropez en route. Delhomme's illustrations capture all the joy of the beach: the skateboarders of Venice; the Speedo wearing sunworshippers of the Med.

Moncler have transformed Delhomme's colourful, vivid impressionistic brushstrokes into tote bags, T-shirts, and light summery coats. All rendered with Moncler's traditional technical expertise, Delhomme's work is digitally printed, resin coated, and beautifully embroidered. Send me a postcard, baby.


Text Felix Petty

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