an i-Deal suku day

With the holidays approaching, i-D asked designer Christine Lafian about her favourite things.

by Wendy Syfret
09 November 2015, 4:05am

In many ways, Christine Lafian has made leisure an art form. Since its launch in 2013, her home wear brand SUKU has represented the kind of unfussy Sunday morning style that people dream about on Monday afternoons. Inspired by growing up in Indonesia, and the art and crafts she was exposed to, the label has always managed to elevate everyday items like sheets and pyjamas to feel really special. With the holidays approaching, i-D asked Christine about her favourite things. After all, no one knows how to chill like someone who's made a business out of sleeping in.

i-Deal Breakfast?
Anything as long as it comes with good coffee.

i-Deal Playlist?
Suku Ohayou Mix

i-Deal Mode of transport?
Free Uber!

i-Deal Outfit?
SUKU pyjama set all day long.

i-Deal Night Out?
Warm nights outside with good tunes.

i-Deal Vacation?
Tropical sunsets and lush forests.

i-Deal Date?
Simply good food and conversation.

i-Deal Pet?
A fluffy Shiba inu puppy.

i-Deal Home?
High ceilings, light filled spaces, and good neighbours.

i-Deal Future?
Bright like a diamond.


Text Wendy Syfret
Photography Alex Kelaart
Styling Teagan Buntz
Model Tamrin Barta.

christine lafian