martin king: music to... have an identity crisis to

This is a mix for when it’s 3AM and you’re thinking “why do I keep doing this to myself?”

by i-D Staff
13 April 2017, 1:13am

Martin King created this mix as an ode to that point — usually at around 3AM — when you're "trying to artfully sandwich an adult contemporary number like Darren Hayes' Insatiable between a 155BPM Peshay jungle classic and some NuMetal anthem like System of a Down's Chop Suey" and you pause to ask, "why do I keep doing this to myself?" Not all of us spend the hours after midnight wrestling with the work of Serj Tankian, but the sentiment rings true. 

Music to shift your mood from staying in to staying up all night... Insomnia, Faithless
Music for fiery arguments and emotional goodbyes… Climax, Usher
Music to kiss and make up to... Kiss Me, Sixpence None the Richer, obviously.
Music to heal a broken heart... Is It a Crime, Sade
Music to get high to... Rollin, Limp Bizkit
Music to change your night from mediocre to magnificent... The Soundtrack to the Prometheus trailer
Music to take a long drive to... Gapu, Yothu Yindi
Music to walk down the aisle to... Into You, Ariana Grande
Music you'd like played at your funeral...I Believe I Can Fly, R Kelly
Music to have sex to... A.D.I.D.A.S, Korn
Music to celebrate your birthday to... Freedom, George Michael
Music guaranteed to give you serious swagger... BoyfriendJustin Bieber
Music to make even the wallflowers dance... 2Nice, Branko
Music to play at the afterparty when it's 6am and the sun is beginning to rise... A Walk Through The City, Hildegard Westerkamp
Music that could put even an insomniac to sleep... anything by The Harpoons *yawn*


Halcyon (on and on) - Orbital
Jalek (break mix) - Ejeca
Lights out - George Fitzgerald
Err - Shadow Child and Huxley
Timeless - Mcferrdog
low Down - Letabruthaknow
Oceania - Martyn
1999 - Groove Chronicles
Open Up - Breakage
Breaking Free - DJ Slipmatt
Cold Fresh Air - Higher Sense
Valley Of Shadows - Origin Unknown
Special Treat - DJ Die
19.5 - LTJ & Peshay
One Drop - J:Kenzo
Thinking of you (Stefan Ponce remix) - Mabel


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