claudio and theresa

i-D headed to the Keep Sydney Open protest this weekend to meet everyone fighting for their city's nightlife. Here's what they had to say.

by i-D Staff
11 October 2016, 11:29pm

Star sign? 
Theresa: On the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius.
Claudio: Taurus.

What do you do in the daytime? 
Theresa: I work in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing and, when I'm not working, I'm swimming at Tamarama!
Claudio: Work and swim.

What do you do at night?
Theresa: I go to Pilates after work then spend most nights at home with my boyfriend Jesse watching Netflix.
Claudio: Food and cinema.

What are you wearing head to toe?
Theresa: A vintage Nine Inch Nails t-shirt, vintage Levis skirt, Vans and P.A.M tote.
Claudio: An old shirt and cap. P.A.M t-shirt, Carhartt pants and Superga. Retrosuperfuture sunglasses.

How have you seen the lockout laws change your city? 
Theresa: Incredible venues have shut down, friends have flocked en-masse to Melbourne, nights start and finish earlier and there's a general feeling that we've been hoodwinked by our own government and ignored as constituents. One positive has been seeing how passionate so many of my peers have become about this issue. Seeing the work that the Keep Sydney Open team have been doing and watching thousands of young Sydney-siders get behind a grassroots activism campaign has been so inspiring and exciting.
Claudio: Everyone is very upset and there are more annoying people in what were once cool zones!

Why does nightlife matter to you?
Theresa: Most of my best friends and relationships have been formed after 2am at Good God or 77. 
Claudio: I'm always down for a deep and meaningful after midnight.

What's your all-time favourite venue in Sydney? 
Theresa: 77 to dance and The Eveleigh or Bar Cleveland to drink.
Claudio: I can't think of a place with good music, food and drinks that isn't victim to the lockout laws.

What song can turn a night out from 0-100?
Theresa: Come Together by Primal Scream, the Andy Weatherall remix.
Claudio: Anything by Jorge Ben. 

Describe the ultimate Saturday night in Sydney. 
Theresa: Drinks on the boardwalk at Redleaf in the afternoon, Gabriela Lo Presti having the fire, PELVIS, Fleitsy's kick ons (RIP)!
Claudio: Beers on the Seymour Centre rooftop, pizza and mushrooms at Fleitsy's house and PELVIS.


Photography Joe Brennan

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