becky lee & marie everth

James K Lowe joined i-D for New Zealand Fashion Week, where we found the best looks on the street.

by i-D Staff
29 August 2016, 1:23am

What are you wearing?
Becky, Left: 
I'm wearing an Esprit top with a plain pair of black jeans. My favourite Nike AirMax 360s too.
Marie, Right: My jacket is from Topshop, and my shirt is from an op shop.

Star sign?
Becky: I'm a Leo.
Marie: Aquarius.

Who are you in love with?
Becky: Young Johnny Depp and young Leonardo.
Marie: My best friend in the world, Danro.

Which show really got you excited during NZFW?
Becky: I honestly can't choose, I was excited for all of them!
Marie: Stolen is always exciting because it's off-site!

Who are your favourite Kiwi designers?
Becky: Kate Sylvester
Marie: Zambesi and Georgia Alice.

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Photography James K Lowe

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