coach reportedly finalises $10 million deal with selena gomez

A small price to pay for the most followed person in Instagram history?

by Isabelle Hellyer
13 December 2016, 1:56am

Photography Scott Trindle [The Street Issue, no. 326, 2013]

i-D covergirl Selena Gomez will soon become the face of American luxury brand Coach, after an enormous $10 million deal was reportedly finalised. The deal will see the singer lead campaigns for the label and design her own collaborative line, much like Gigi Hadid's effort for Tommy Hilfiger.

Coach are signalling a move into a new, social-media savvy chapter, inaugurated by last Thursday's influencer-heavy 75th anniversary celebration at Pier 94, where they unveiled their Women's Pre-Fall and Men's Fall 2017 collections.

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Who better to lead the charge than the most valuable person on Instagram? There are 104 million accounts watching Selena's feed, and the signer also boasts the most liked post of all time; a photo of her sipping coke that's earned 6 million double-taps. Plus, she's already got some campaign experience under her belt courtesy of Louis Vuitton

If we zoom out from Instagram and take stock of Selena's reach across all of her additional accounts, her follower count shoots up to astronomical levels. More than 180 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And that number just keeps going up: every day, she acquires around 200,000 new followers. For that audience, $10 mil is kind of a bargain. 


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Photography Scott Trindle [The Street Issue, no. 326, 2013]
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