this melbourne collective just captured the perfect ladies night

Peep the delicious short film and get to know one of the brainy babes behind it.

by i-D Team
29 July 2015, 6:25am

Ladies of Leisure are a crew of Melbourne women making creative waves in all manner of ways. While LOL began as zine, their latest offering isn't on paper. They've collaborated with filmmaker Amy Dellar (aka Indoor Fountains) to create 'Lesuire' - a dreamy visual treat soundtracked by synth-pop duo GL, styled by LOL's own Savannah Anand-Sobti. When we caught up with Savannah to talk about the film, we learnt that these inspiring ladies have a whole lot more up their sleeves.

First up, the video feels like a really stylised girls night, which is super fun. What's going on in the clip?
Definitely! Leisure was a collaborative, fun piece of work between Amy of Indoor Fountains and I. She has this ultra-femme, Americana kind of style and I really wanted to play with the idea of being a lady of leisure, so we really vibed. Together we brainstormed what our idea of leisure was. For starters, fun drinks - lots of 'em - dancing, doobies, feeling good about yourself and hanging with your girls. We wanted to create a mood kind of like when you're out - or staying in - with your friends having a good time, totally at ease. When there's no where else you want to be but there.

What kind of girl is a 'lady of leisure'?
She's kind of the everyday gal, with dreams and ambitions, who also relishes her downtime. It was a no brainer to get Sunni of [casting agency] Folk Collective on board to enlist some babes. The stars of the film are Ciara Dunne, Freya Esders and Bella Sweaney.

You styled the clip. What guided your approach? I spied some local labels in there...
Well, I was really inspired by the 70s for the general mood and styling of the film, but with a contemporary feel. I was lucky enough to get to use Dress Up's upcoming Spring/Summer 2015/16 collection which was the perfect match for the vibe we were going for. I've been loving [jewellery label] Building Two's work. Their collection makes me nostalgic for my childhood, when I decked myself out with diamonites and pink plastic jewellery. It was really important for me to use up and coming labels because - aside from them being the best out there - that's what Ladies of Leisure is all about.

Tell me more about the Ladies of Leisure philosophy. What kind of stuff do you gals get up to?
I started Ladies of Leisure as a publication 2 years ago now. Originally it started as a platform for all the amazing work I saw my girlfriends doing. By profiling a range of up-and-coming creative women we hope to inspire and encourage others to do the same. I think often we put successful people on a pedestal which undermines our own abilities, so hearing stories and getting an insight into how someone else paved their way can give you the push to start your own projects - big or small. Our small team of ladies includes Sally Tabart the Editor, Zarnie Morcombe who does the graphic design, Suzannah Ahern, and me. I'm the Creative Director and general boss lady. We've also got an amazing roll call of on-going contributors. We ourselves are up-and-coming gals who love getting busy, but we also love to chill and act our age. That's the other component of LOL - we're all work and all play. We're all about supporting and celebrating each other, as women, rather then competing against one another. We celebrate the strength, weakness, success and the process it takes starting out as a creative woman.

So you started making zines, then you tackled film. What can we expect you to create next?
I'm currently working on Ladies of Leisure workshops, which are set to run for a couple of weeks starting next month. I want to expand the LOL umbrella to cover an interactive experience where women - in all stages of their careers - come into a nice inviting environment, learn something new and feel part of a community. Whether it be learning to make ceramics, discussing what it takes to be a leader or listening to someone who's just downright inspiring - I want to cover it all. Together with Elena King from super cool homeware retailer Pieces for Places we'll be creating a P4PxLOL temporary store on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy, where the workshops will be run. For updates on it you can follow our Instagram.