diane's new australiana range takes us back to melbourne's most fashionable skater boys

It's not what you do but the way that you do it.

by Matthew Ware
15 May 2015, 11:55am

Matthew Ware

Diane Inc. is a Melbourne based label who've just released a new collection of t-shirts and totes inspired by the nuances of Australian culture. Last year we spoke to Diane Inc. founder Matthew Ware about his label being for 'anyone who appreciates something coming from a pure place.' We also asked him who our city's most fashionable skater boys were and here, in no particular order, were his selections. 

Jack Kirk
Jack Kirk is the modern day Gene Wilder (of skateboarding). He has ridden for some of the most fashionable companies in the business, such as Stussy, Insight and Vans. These days he looks gruff and plays gruffer. He has that classic boy look that most skaters aspire to, but rarely achieve. He also helped perpetuate a trend of not wearing any underwear in early 2011. This was possibly in response to the 'helmsing' plague of late 2010. The no underwear/shoelace belt combo led to rumours that Jack was wearing g-strings. At the time, g-strings were generally frowned upon in skateboarding, although little known fact: Chad Muska apparently wore one for a whole Shorty's summer tour.

Andrew Prior
Andrew Prior is perhaps a bit left of centre for a mainstream audience, but that's what makes him so great. Most of the younger skaters in Melbourne won't know, but Prior helped start the great 'looking like your mate's dad's work colleague' trend of 2007 (now referred to as 'normcore'). Always dressed to impress in a neat sweater, button up shirt and blue denim jeans. A classic look and, in true Prior form, one that he still owns to this very day. The above clip demonstrates his summer look. Tarten shorts, white tee, and white shoes and some a willingness to take risks on a skateboard that most others would shy away from.

Geoff Campbell
Geoff Campbell dresses to impress people who prefer classic 90's skateboarding. He's the guy who notices the style of sunglasses or brand of visor before he notices the huge kickflip melon. Whilst it's apt that he skates for Australia's second most fashionable skateboard company, Pass-Port, his lack of traditional flash tattoos might have something to do with his non existent pro model. Geoff's most significant impact on skate fashion thus far is of course the infamous mustard sweater. 

Thomas Casey Walsh
At one point Tom's wardrobe consisted only of tall tees and New Eras. Slowly he made the transition to his current look, perfectly tailored suits, waistcoats, pocket watches, handkerchiefs and the occasional top hat. It's the transitional state of 2007 that I would like to draw your attention to. Tall tees, custom jeans, straw fedora or New Era, boat shoes and XXL aqua Ralph Lauren button ups. Tom helped bring out the inner European people smuggler in a lot of people. Around this time Tom filmed, edited and released cult Melbourne skateboarding film, D.Y.K.N.B.G.T.G.A.Y.T.A which also featured Andrew Prior and Mike Wale.

Mike Wale
Mike has been one of Melbourne's most fashionable skateboarders/DJs since around 2008. Mike's main contribution has been bringing rings and various other forms of jewelry (not pictured) into the skate world. He also embraced pre ripped jeans very early on. Here he is pictured at a popular Melbourne nightclub around 2008. For the time, this was a very bold look for a skateboarder.


Text Matthew Ware